Love your Liver with Castor Oil Packs

One of the best ways to help your liver detoxify is to use Castor Oil Packs. This super simple, low cost liver therapy is a great addition to a Spring Cleanse and benefits a range of conditions, including any inflammatory condition, allergies, digestive disorders and hormonal imbalances. 

Your liver is an incredible organ. Every minute, it filters over a litre of your blood. It detoxifies chemicals, excess hormones, histamine, drugs and pesticides.  It converts vitamins to their active form and stores them for later use. It affects our energy levels by controlling blood sugar. And it's the only organ capable of regenerating itself! 

To assist the liver, we can use castor oil packs to enhance detoxification, reduce inflammation and support liver metabolism. 

You will need: An old strip of towel or old flannel pajamas/castor oil/2 old towels/hot water bottle/30 minutes of time


  1. Find your liver. Bring your fingers to the bottom of your right-side ribcage. The liver rests just under the very bottom of the ribcage, from the very right side of your body to the centre- roughly the size of your hand. 
  2. Prepare your hot water bottle and set up one towel underneath you in a comfortable place. I usually do this in bed with a good book.
  3. Soak a strip of towel or cut up old pajamas in castor oil and then place over your liver. 
  4. Cover your abdomen with the second towel and then place the hot water bottle on top.
  5. Relax for 30 minutes. Catch up on reading, use positive affirmations, write in a gratitude journal, rest.
  6. When finished, you can keep the soaked towel and re-use up to 10 times. Store in the fridge. You can wipe away extra oil or let it absorb. Just note that castor oil can stain, so wear old clothes and make sure you take care to place towels under you.

That's it! Easy peasy, low cost and highly effective. For the most benefit, try to find a time when you can do the castor oil pack for 3 consecutive days. I'm always amazed at how much better I feel after doing this simple, liver-loving treatment.