May at For the Love of Body

So many things are blooming in our garden and our lives at For the Love of Body! Tomato seedlings are germinating, spinach and kale seeds are in our container garden bins and the soil is being turned at our community garden plot.


But more than just seeds and plants are blooming over here, we also have 3 upcoming workshops in May and June- Kombucha Brewing, Make Your Own Summertime Bodycare and Soap-Making!  Click here for info and dates.

I'm also pleased to be a part of Octopus Garden Holistic Yoga Centre's May Detoxification Series.  Every Thursday evening in May, from 6-7:30 we'll be detoxifying a different system of the body through movement and through food!  The yoga class is taught by Pat Harada Linfoot with a talented collaborating teacher and I will be providing a nutritious treat that corresponds to that week's focus.  I would love for you to come and join us for a class or the whole series, but if you can't, I'll be posting the recipes for the treat and outlining how to detox each system on here, so you can still learn and detox with us. I'll be posting the recipes the Monday following the class, so check back weekly in May for updates!  



May 2 — Root of Health: Ayurvedic Digestion Detox

In Ayurveda, digestion is the root of health: its efficiency (and happiness) is at the heart of strong vitality, resilience, fertility, creativity, and confidence. Pat and Ayurveda practitioner/therapist Matthew Remski will increase agni, or fire, in asana to improve digestion.

May 9 — Smoothing out Experience: Meditative Detox What about digesting and detoxifying thoughts? We’ll learn about equanimity as a way of deliberately cultivating smoothness in our full experience – the experience of our body, our thoughts, our emotions, and even our senses, what Jeff Warren, President of The Consciousness Explorers Club, calls “The Fonzie Effect!” Join Pat and Jeff as they explore the interface between asana and meditation.

May 16 — Enhancing Nourishment: Circulatory System Detox Enhancing circulation improves the flow of nourishment throughout the body and the flow of waste products away from the body. Pat and Thai Massage Practitioner and Yoga Teacher, John Veiga, will focus on the kidneys and liver with touch and movement to increase circulation.

May 23 — Rest, Patience and Healing: Respiratory System Detox Join Pat and Yoga Therapist and Teacher, Kim McBean, for their sequence celebrating breath and respiration as a doorway into detoxification and healing. They’ll weave pranayama, asana, and restorative practices together to transform irritation into patience and compassion.

May 30 — Letting Go: Cleansing The Emotional Body The series will end by examining detoxification through the emotional body. Pat and Psychotherapist and Yoga Teacher, Elizabeth Harvey, will map the emotional body by exploring fascial tissue, how emotional residue can create holding patterns that harden, sometimes migrating into physical pain, and how breath and asana can be instruments of self-knowledge that move the conscious and unconscious body towards release and integrity.