Holistic Nutrition

As a holistic nutritionist, I work with clients to meet their health goals through the healing power of food, herbs, and therapeutic nutrients.  With deep training in holistic nutrition, a background in psychology and counselling, and knowledge of yoga and yoga therapy, I help my clients uncover and shift their relationships to food and wellness. I encourage positive and lasting change with simple and effective lifestyle recommendations.


I practice in the west end of Toronto. For more information, send me a message. 


General Information

Why see a holistic nutritionist?

Holistic nutritionists work to help clients achieve a nourishing, balanced, and whole diet and lifestyle.  Diet and lifestyle can have a huge impact on overall health, disease prevention and mental well-being.

A holistic nutritionist will conduct a thorough health history to create a customized food plan specific to your needs, dietary preferences, and health concerns. By addressing the root causes of imbalance and by introducing gradual, long-lasting changes, a shift to true wellness is possible.

What is involved in a nutrition consultation?

During the initial consultation, I gather a detailed health and family health history; analyze symptoms; examine current medications, supplements and herbs for possible interactions; and assess personal health goals and concerns. I use this information to create an individualized plan with food, supplement, and lifestyle recommendations.

During the first follow-up session, I thoroughly explain imbalances and how to correct them, and outline your plan in detail. This first plan will focus on the root cause of symptoms and the most pressing imbalance.

During subsequent follow-ups, I gradually layer and build on your plan, adding new details to address other imbalances or chronic conditions, and to support overall health and vibrancy.

What should I expect?

Expect an interactive and educational experience that leaves you feeling healthier, more energetic, detoxified, and mentally clear!

As diet and digestion improve, so do energy levels, stress resiliency, immunity, and mental outlook.

Since holistic nutritionists aim to correct root causes of symptoms, expect long-lasting changes and a new relationship to food and eating.

I believe that change becomes long-lasting when it is done gradually, honestly, and with joy. Expect to learn—and to laugh!—in a compassionate and non-judging environment.