DIY Natural Mouthcare

  • Rowan Homespun 2196 Queen St. East Toronto

Making your own mouth care products is not only simple, but revelatory! Conventional products contain harmful ingredients and can disrupt the micro-biome in our mouths leading to irritation, bad breath and cavities. In this class you'll learn how to properly take care of your oral health using natural ingredients. We'll share our favourite recipes for natural whitening treatments and oil pulling and you'll customize and make your own toothpaste, floss oil and mouthwash to take home.

$60 + HST
All materials Included.

We're excited to be offering this workshop at Rowan Homespun Market and Apothecary. Located at 2196 Queen St. East.

To register, call Rowan at 416 694 8888 or email
Space is limited, so book your spot early!