My Secret Natural Weapon for Healthier Hair!

For years I did just what the hair commercials told me to do. I washed and conditioned my hair daily, I straightened it with a blow dryer, I dyed it dark, then light, then dark, then added highlights. I used products to add volume and products to tame frizz and products to create texture. As I got older, I 'graduated' from the drugstore brands to what the salon was selling. The results? Besides spending a whole lot of money on toxic products, I also had a horrendously dry, itchy scalp and a head full of damaged hair. Flash forward to today, my haircare routine is natural, cheap, takes little time and my scalp and hair have never been healthier.

Step away from the shampoo bottle

One of the best things you can do for your scalp and hair is to ditch the shampoo. I know this might seem crazy, but here's why-

  • Shampoo contain a bevy of toxins - From foaming agents (SLS) to fragrances (phthalates) to antimicrobials (triclosan), the chemical cocktail found in shampoo is harsh on your scalp, can cause dandruff and isn't great for the rest of your body either (remember, you're absorbing it through your skin and inhaling it into your lungs). If your scalp is itchy, red, inflamed or flaky, you might be reacting to your products. Try switching to organic brands 
  • Shampoo strips your natural moisture - Your skin cells are trying to create the right amount of moisture to keep your scalp and hair healthy, but when we strip these oils away with shampoo, the cells respond by trying to make extra oil double-time to replace what you just washed down the drain. This results in oily hair. If you shampoo and within a day feel greasy, your skin cells are stuck in this over-production mode
  • Shampooing damages your hair - The process of wetting your hair and lathering it with product is hard on your hair and can break and damage it. Especially if you'll be combing and heat-styling it as well. The more often you do it, the more damage

I know you might think that you can't shampoo less or your hair will look like a grease trap, but it's honestly the best thing you can do to improve the health of your skin and scalp - and I've got you covered with my secret weapon!

DIY Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo is an amazingly simple and super effective way to immediately take away grease, make hair easier to style and help you stretch out how many days you can go without shampooing, thereby improving the health of your skin and hair. Win, win, win! Plus, it's really easy to make, check out this video to learn how:

Once you've made your dry shampoo, use it to cut back on how often you wash your hair. As your scalp gets used to not needing to over-produce oil, keep adding more and more days between. Eventually, you'll find you don't need to wash your hair more than a few times per month. Your scalp with be healthy, your hair will be softer and you'll be saving money and the environment!